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Retro Motors is a labor of love founded around a shared passion for Cars genetically infused by our Dad, Orville. No, not the father of popcorn and flight, but the father of two sons, Glen and Dale that landed in this business as retirement jobs. We re-kindled our shared passion for classic and muscle cars (or just about anything that rolls!) six years ago when a restored 64 Stingray arrived under Glen's Christmas tree. The rest, as they say, is history.

Glen is a retired, a 44 year veteran of the aerospace industry, but began his mechanical training rebuilding a 49 Chevy at the tender age of 15 (ask him about Orville's coaching and training during this all night overhaul!) With 53 years of experience on primarily domestic automoniles, motorcycles and farm equipment, he now tackles all types of repairs and restorations. Dale is a retired mortgage banker, following a 38 year career, but has been a gearhead since his first $50 car, a 61 Bel Air that Orville helped him restore for $75. The Bel Air ran perfectly for a year and returned a tidy 300% on his first trade in for a 65 Impala SS.

This began a 39 year process of auto purchases, trades, restorations, wins, losses, car shows and a whole lot of fun that has yielded the collection you see here as well as others that he just can't seem to part with! Ask Dale about the others when you get time. We hand pick, coddle, restore as needed and make ready our inventory for all levels of enthusiasts and collectors. With Glen's skills and Dale's buying experience, we only select the finest examples available. We are patient and diligent. If you don't see your dream ride in our inventory, we will find it, refine it, and deliver it to your garage. We are about enjoying our new occupations and sharing our passion with other enthusiasts and gear heads. Browse our site and give us a call or email us to buy, trade or just to talk cars!

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